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Your Feet and Diabetes

Diabetics must pay careful attention to their feet to ensure that small, everyday occurrences don’t turn into huge problems. These may be difficult to deal with and heal from. Diabetics need to be getting into the habit of checking their feet the same time everyday, so that if there is a problem they get immediate medical attention. (video to diabetics)

Unfortunately, diabetics cannot count on the same healing abilities that non-diabetic people possess. This is due to a number of causes.

First of all, diabetes can reduce blood flow, which makes healing from injury slow. When your wounds are slow to heal, you are at an increased risk for infection, which can then spread more quickly due to diabetes. Even issues as initially small as a blister from a shoe or a stubbed toe can turn into much larger problems if you aren’t careful and don’t seek timely medical attention.

Diabetics are also at risk for neuropathy, which can decrease sensation or cause you to loose complete sensation in your extremities. When you have less sensation or a loss of sensation in your feet, you are at risk for ulcers or deformity, which you may not deal with quickly or adequately because you cannot feel the problem. Decreased circulation in the feet is also a common issue for diabetics. Both of these can also lead to amputation, so it is important to consult with your doctor as soon as possible whenever you feel changes in your feet. No self treatment is recommended.

There are many steps you can take to ensure healthy feet as a diabetic.

  •     ● First, you should avoid any open sores or wounds. Wash your feet carefully in lukewarm water every day, and moisturize everywhere except between the toes. This keeps feet clean, reducing risk of infection, and prevents them from cracking or splitting.
  •     ● Take care to cut your toenails straight across and to avoid cutting them too close to the quick, which could encourage ingrown toenails. File them afterward to prevent sharp edges from forming, which could also result in an ingrown nail. Avoid trimming calluses and corns; if they bother you enough, ask your doctor about it.
  •     ● Wear well-fitting, smooth, clean socks, and shoes that are immediately comfortable and don’t require breaking in.
  •     ● Avoid allowing your feet to become too hot, cold or wet, and don’t go barefoot, however tempting it may be. Wear socks to bed if your feet get cold, and don’t ever use a heating pad or hot water bottle to warm your feet.
  •     ● Get regular foot exams so that your doctor can ensure you don’t have problems you haven’t noticed. Even if your feet are consistently healthy and you’ve never had problems, keep getting your annual foot exam. It can prevent a potentially serious problem that could result in loss of your foot, so don’t take the chance.

At our office, we take all potential problems very seriously. Any time you experience pain or discomfort in your feet, or are simply worried about a change in your normal health, you are welcome to come consult with Dr. Taub and our staff of experienced podiatry professionals.

Your health is your greatest source of wealth, so you should take pains to safeguard it whenever possible. Whether you have a concern or it’s time for your yearly diabetic foot exam, call us today to make an appointment.

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2nd generation patient. Dr Taub and his staff are so knowledgeable and friendly. My Mother had two botched surgeries on her foot deformed and painful,by the grace of God, we found Dr Taub


Thank you Dr Taub for making my foot feel so much better! You have a great staff who always greets me with a smile.


I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Taub and his staff. My co-worker recommended him for a ingrown toenail procedure. As soon as I walked into his office I was greeted by his friendly staff. All those women are professional, kind and efficient. Dr. Taub took the time to explain what was happening with my toe and the procedure I needed. You can tell he cares about his patients. You do not see this very often anymore. Usually with doctors they are rushing you in and out and don't even know your name. Not Dr. Taub or his staff. I highly recommend him for your podiatry needs.


I was treated by Dr Joseph Taub for a stingray wound on the bottom of my foot. I was first treated by emergency at Marco Island, a week later I had an abscess removed at Jupiter Emergency room and was advised I needed follow up care by a wound specialist. After a couple months I am finally healed, Thanks to Dr. Joseph Taub. He is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and uses the most up to date gentle techniques. The concern and care he has shown me is outstanding and I consider myself very fortunate to have found him. In addition he has a wonderful staff to assist his patients.


Dr Taub was not only very knowledgeable which was comforting he was very gentle and made sure that I was comfortable throughout my entire procedure. His office staff were very accommodating and helpful. It was great to be able to call a Dr's office and not be told that there were no appointments available for several weeks. I was able to get in within two days of my calling. I would recommend Dr Taub and have recommended him to my friends and family!


Two years ago, I visited Dr. Taub for issue with one of my toes. His staff was very courteous, prompt and informative. The experience was first class and the visits were easy to setup and the procedure was better than I could have ever imagined. I would highly Recommend the Doctor and his staff to anyone in need of care.


I am so happy that my Chiropactor, Kim Hoover, refered me to Dr. Taub. He listens! He personally cares about his patients. I had been frustrated with doctors who didn't listen when I tried to explain my allergies and intolerance to a long list of medications that would interfer with treatment. Dr. taub came up alternatives that give me relief. Ya Hoo! Thank you!


Dr. Taub is the only doctor I love going to. Not only is he gentle and very caring but I am a real person to him. I might have to see him only once or twice a year but he remembers what is going on in my life and always asks how things are going. He has always been able to fix any problem with my feet in the least painful way possible! If all doctors were like him, healthcare would always be a wonderful experience instead of sometimes a nightmare! God bless you, Dr. Taub!!!!


Dr. Taub is so well informed and up to date on all of the latest, he took such good care of my Mother and gave her relief from severe foot pain caused by two botched surgeries from orthopedic surgeons. Dr Taub was so dedicated to find the right procedure for her to be able to walk comfortably again. Dr Taub is very caring and pays close attention to what you are telling him. I have been going to him for the last 4 months for a torn achilles that was detected by him but missed by an orthopedic doctor. His office is very professional but at the same time very homey and I love love love his office staff, they are the best. I honestly can't recommend him enough


Went to see Dr. Taub after a few other doctors for a case of gout. He actually spoke to me like I was a friend and not just a patient. The med he prescribed worked in one day, where the other doctors never worked. I now enjoy walking and sleeping pain free thanks to Dr. Taub...2 thumbs ( toes actually ) up!!!!


Dr. Taub is a very compassionate physician. He explains everything as he goes along and alleviates any anxiousness you may be feeling. He is my physician of choice for any foot related issues. All his staff is kind and caring.


I highly recommend Dr. Taub for any podiatry needs. He is kind, on time, professional and takes the pain away! He also has an updated website and online presence which is very helpful.


Staff is always very pleasant which makes getting an appointment very easy. Dr. Taub took wonderful care of my ingrown toe nail. I recommend him to everyone!


Dr Taub and his entire staff are wonderful. They make your visit an easy, painless trip. I can't recommend them highly enough.


Only podiatrist for our family in over 20 years.


We feel blessed to have found such a competent and caring physician!!!!


Feet that hurt ain't so neat, His staff is fun and can't be beat. Thanks Dr. Taub for giving so many relief.

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