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February 2018 - Gout
February Newsletter

What is it?

Gout is a disease in which defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis, especially in the smaller bones of the feet.

Facts about Gout

  • Anyone can be at risk for gout, but gout is rarely seen in men before their 20's and rarely seen in women before 40's
  • Elevated uric acid levels do not necessarily mean that a person has gout
  • Many drugs can cause a gout attack including thiazide diuretics (hydrochlorothiazide), low dose aspirin, and some antibiotics.
  • Besides causing arthritis (gouty arthritis), gout can damage the kidneys if left unchecked

Symptoms of Gout

  • Pain in the feet, toes, joints, ankle and knees.
  • Typically the joints are red, swollen and very painful.

Treatment and at Home Lifestyle

Medications and/or injections are often the most effective way to treat acute gout and can prevent recurrent attacks of gout. 

However, asking certain lifestyle changes also are important such as:

  • Limiting alcoholic beverages and drinks sweetened with fruit sugar (fructose). Instead, drink plenty of water.
  • Limiting intake of foods high in purines, such as red meat and seafood.
  • Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight. Keeping your body at a healthy weight reduces your risk of gout.
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