Dr. Taub, keeping people on their feet for over 25 years


After five years into his professional accounting career, Dr. Joseph C. Taub, DPM, knew that being a public accountant is not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. With the introduction to podiatry from his college sweetheart’s father, Dr. Taub decided he was ready for a change. In 1988 he graduated from Temple College of the Podiatric Medicine. Now, after 25 years, he loves his practice and his patients.

“It’s a career I have greatly enjoyed and the patient population on the Treasure Coast is very appreciative and easy to work with and treat,” said Dr. Taub.

His humble statements is perhaps another reason why his practice is thriving. Dr. Taub and his staff work closely to uphold their mission on a daily basis: to be honest, to provide the highest quality and comprehensive care, to meet and exceed your expectations. “These values are consistent with our vision to treat all patients like family,” said Taub.

This hospitality goes as far as weekend appointments, extended hours and even skipping his lunch break. Think you’ve heard Dr. Taub’s voice on the other side of the appointment line? “After-hour calls are retrieved and answered by myself. I emphasize to my office staff about flexibility and getting patients in if the need arises. To me it is treating patients like you would want to be treated.”

Not only is his approach to patients amazing, his techniques truly set him apart. “We pride ourselves in providing the best possible care and service to our patient. When a patient comes into the office, we provide them with a written informational sheets explaining their foot problems. We emphasize nonsurgical care, utilizing surgery only as a last option. One of the things that sets me apart from other podiatry practices is the multiple strapping techniques that I utilize. Many times patients just come in to have their foot or feet strapped due to the amount of pain relief it provides. Again this is a noninvasive drugless modality,” said Taub.

Visit Dr. Taub’s practice for all of your podiatry concerns, located in Stuart. Call (772) 925-8486 or visit www.drtaubfootandwound.com to learn more.

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