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I wanted to say Thank You for fixing my torn Achilles Tendon. I have to admit I was not so sure that the E-PAT would work on my foot. My last treatment was in December before we traveled up North for the Holidays. I noticed while I was up there, that I didn't have pain. When I got home I was suppose to come in January for my follow-up with you but I had the Flu. I was afraid to come in and tell you that it was gone and then the following week it might come back. But it has been quite a long time and I think it is gone!!! I do not have any pain and I don't notice it at all. Can you believe it!! I wanted to come in with my husband John today but I had another commitment. I wanted to give you a hug... I am so grateful to you for treating me and being so generous. You gave me a couple of extra treatments at no charge, and being on a fixed income, that meant a lot to me. I tell everyone I know about you, but most of them are already your patients. LOL You were honest right from the beginning telling me that some people feel 100% better, and some feel 90% better, and some need 3 treatments, and some need more. I needed alittle more, but I think I am 100% Better! Thank You from the bottom of my heart for fixing my Achilles Tendon!!

Mary Ellen V.

I have been with Dr. Taub for more than 4 years, and, as a diabetic, it is vitally important that I receive expert foot care. I have been nothing short of thrilled with the care I have received from Dr. Taub. He diagnosed me with diabetic charcot foot and aggressively treated it so that after 4 months, my foot was healed. While I was in Rome recently, I developed a wound on my toe that wouldn't heal. Through text messages, Dr. Taub instructed me on how to care for the toe. I have never had a physician call me and text me to care for me 6,000 miles away. I recommend Dr. Taub as the most conscientious, compassionate, professional podiatrist I have ever had.

Kristen T.

I was so impressed by Dr Taub and his wonderful staff.
Here are the highlights:
1. It was so easy to make an appointment that fit my schedule because his staff was willing to thoroughly check availability.
2. Dr Taub was ON TIME! This shouldn't be the big deal that it is, but anyone who has seen a doctor recently knows that this is a wonderful trait in a doctor.
3. He took his time to get to know me during my first visit and make sure I understood the options for treatment of my foot, so I could be a partner in my care.

His caring attitude, his courteous staff, and his professional expertise make for an excellent experience. If you need a podiatrist, look no further.

Karen A.

Dr Taub is working miracles on my painful heels called plantar fasciitis. The EPAT machine he uses has worked wonders on my heels bringing the pain down immensely! Thank you Dr Taub and staff for all you do.

Debbie S.

Doctor Taub is really amazing. It is very hard to find a doctor who will take the time and listen to what you have to say. He will make sure that you understand everything that is going on. After he took my ingrown toenail out , he made sure I understood what I had to do to take care of my toe. If you want a doctor who knows what he is doing and take the time to do things right , doctor Taun is for you.

Diana K.

Hello; this review will hopefully help you in making your decision on Doctor Joseph C Taub.

I am not related to or knew Dr. Taub in any way until about a week after I noticed a swelling was growing on the palm of my left foot that began to hurt because of a piece of steel wire from a six inch wire brush that found its way there and started to irritate me which led me to go onto the internet and locate Dr. Taub in Stuart, Fla. As we all know, there are good & bad in everything, unfortunately most of the time it’s not very good, but every now and then we luck out and that’s what happened to me with Dr. Taub. If you’ve had the experience of a profession which cares more about you and your problem than making a buck, then that’s exactly what you’ll get with Dr. Taub. He’s been practicing his profession for more than twenty five years and from my short visit with him, with courtesy and understanding towards his patients. He’ll not only listen to you but give you the best professional outlook on your situation, and in my opinion, that’s exactly what we’re looking for from any Doctor that’s treating us. The staff is bright and colorful with knowledge, courtesy and professionalism .

In closing, I am so very happy to have found Dr. Taub. He is a Doctor that not only does the job right the first time, but really cares for his patients. My thanks for your attention, Danny.
PS: Foot’s on the job again, Thank you JT.

Dan Theman

Dr. Taub is absolutely wonderful. He treated my running-related plantar fasciitis with EPAT therapy and I gained some useful tips from him that have helped keep it from returning. His staff is just as wonderful. I highly recommend him as a podiatrist, especially if you are looking for someone who is sports medicine-minded. His staff is so friendly, efficient, and they all make you feel at home. He takes time to listen to you and is so accommodating (including coming in a little early to accommodate my therapy.) He also has a good sense of humor, which is another plus. You will be happy with your experience if you go to him!

Roberta Bernardini

After experiencing excruciating pain in my heel getting out of bed in the morning (lasting in various degrees for the entire day) I visited Dr. Taub who immediately diagnosed plantar fasciitis. In thirty days I was pain free and able to resume my normal workouts. Dr. Taub was not only professional but warm and informative in his explanations of the problem and the treatment of same. I sensed I was talking to a member of my family. I would recommend Dr. Taub with all enthusiasm and without reservation to any future patient. He is what we say in my native New England a professional of "the finest kind."

John Suitor

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Taub and his staff. My co-worker recommended him for a ingrown toenail procedure. As soon as I walked into his office I was greeted by his friendly staff. All those women are professional, kind and efficient. Dr. Taub took the time to explain what was happening with my toe and the procedure I needed. You can tell he cares about his patients. You do not see this very often anymore. Usually with doctors they are rushing you in and out and don't even know your name. Not Dr. Taub or his staff. I highly recommend him for your podiatry needs.

Jennifer Brown

Thank you Dr Taub for making my foot feel so much better! You have a great staff who always greets me with a smile.

Debi Porter

Dr. Joseph Taub’s passion for his practice is obvious the minute you come through the door. He is full of energy, a good listener and works in partnership with his patients. Dr. Taub’s thorough, gentle treatment techniques are very successful and provide the most painless environment possible for any medical procedure. Dr. Taub is exuberant, experienced, skillful, and very personable. The trust between Doctor and patients is evident.
I am confident and secure in knowing that Dr. Taub will always provide his patients with the utmost in comprehensive treatment, care, and professionalism.

Carolyn Hetzel

During the many years that Dr. Taub has been attending me and my wife I have found that he is a well informed of the latest innovations of podiatry...His ability to diagnose and prognosis is always very successful...His eagerness to assist his patients is most rewarding stemming from his energy; and enthusiam for his work..
I feel lucky to be his patient. Further, his staff is zealous and cheerful in their work.

Joseph R Salvatore

I have been seeing Dr. Taub since moving here in the '90s. I have confidence in whatever he advises. Most recently, I broke both ankles while on vacation. I had surgery in Michigan, but became so homesick, I came back to Stuart with the idea of Dr. Taub takes over my care. He has been wonderful to both me and my husband. Over the years, he has helped my mother-in-law when we could not find shoes that were comfortable with her hammer toe. Through his office, we found the perfect pair, even reordering so she had another pair to change in to. Sadly, my mother-in-law gas since passed away, but am grateful for his care and knowledge to me and my family.

Sharon Sherman

Dr. Taub is the only doctor I love going to. Not only is he gentle and very caring but I am a real person to him. I might have to see him only once or twice a year but he remembers what is going on in my life and always asks how things are going. He has always been able to fix any problem with my feet in the least painful way possible! If all doctors were like him, healthcare would always be a wonderful experience instead of sometimes a nightmare!
God bless you, Dr. Taub!!!!

Anne Terminiello

Dr. Taub addressed an ingrown toenail (left foot) issue for me in February. I began having ingrown toenail issues on my right foot. I just recently had Dr. Taub take care of that problem as well. Once again I received immediate relief. And just for the record, I have had NO issues with the first procedure he did for me. I highly recommend Dr. Taub ... he took time to listen to my concerns, addressed the problem and I was able to go right to work.
Thank you sir!

Terry Brown

Being a Registered Nurse, I must say that Drs are not my favorite people. Dr Taub is the exception to that rule. He is very kind,knowledgable, compassionate and lets his patients know that he is there for them and willing to help them with valuable advice. His office staff is friendly and his office emits a very calm atmosphere.This nurse highly recommends him!!
Thank you!


Dr Taub was not only very knowledgeable which was comforting he was very gentle and made sure that I was comfortable throughout my entire procedure. His office staff were very accommodating and helpful. It was great to be able to call a Dr's office and not be told that there were no appointments available for several weeks. I was able to get in within two days of my calling.
I would recommend Dr Taub and have recommended him to my friends and family!

Hannah Jackson

I felt the need to write this letter; I know next week he will make me better;Let's give a cheer cause Dr. Taub is here, it's nice to know you are always near.

Geri Hanson

I have been going to Dr. Taub since 1994 and have found him to be an excellent foot doctor. Over the years, I have had a variety of foot problems that he has been able to help me with. He and his staff are very accommodating and friendly.
I highly recommend him.

Ann Byrumj

Feet that hurt ain't so neat, His staff is fun and can't be beat. Thanks DR. Taub for giving so many relief. Also want to give him 5 stars.

Geri Hanson

I have had toenail fungus for the majority of my adult life and have tried almost everything. Dr. Taub treated me 6 months ago with the laser treatment. Just did my 6 month follow up with him and what a joy see clear toe nails growing out. I heartily recommend him and his treatment. Appointments were always on time and his staff is friendly and helpful.

K Wathen

Thanks for your letter. My ingrown nail is much better from your advice on softening cuticle skin & not cutting too short! You and your office are wonderful, total professionals! See you next time. Happy summer!

Kay Stone

Dr. Taub has been treating my neuroma with injections for a couple of years. He is a very compassionate person and talks his patient through the whole thing. There is little to no discomfort associated with this procedure and I really don't know what I would do without the injections. The injections make it possible for me to do not only the things I have to but also the activities that I enjoy.
Thank you Dr Taub and your excellent staff !!!

Ramona S

It works and my toenail is finally fungus-free! I spent lots of money over the past ten years on other "remedies" with no success. The laser was my final shot. I had the procedure done a year ago, and today my toenail looks better than it has in years!
Thank you Dr. Taub's

Cathy Weissmueller RN

Joe, I'm better thanks to you. The Prednisone helped a lot. Big shoes over here.


I am so happy that my Chiropactor, Kim Hoover, refered me to Dr. Taub. He listens! He personally cares about his patients. I had been frustrated with doctors who didn't listen when I tried to explain my allergies and intolerance to a long list of medications that would interfere with treatment. Dr. taub came up alternatives that give me relief. Ya Hoo!
Thank you!

Laura Gullotti

Two years ago, I visited Dr. Taub for issue with one of my toes. His staff was very courteous, prompt and informative. The experience was first class and the visits were easy to setup and the procedure was better than I could have ever imagined.
I would highly Recommend the Doctor and his staff to anyone in need of care.

Paul Young

Dr. Taub is so well informed and up to date on all of the latest, he took such good care of my Mother and gave her relief from severe foot pain caused by two botched surgeries from orthopedic surgeons. Dr Taub was so dedicated to find the right procedure for her to be able to walk comfortably again. Dr Taub is very caring and pays close attention to what you are telling him. I have been going to him for the last 4 months for a torn achilles that was detected by him but missed by an orthopedic doctor. His office is very professional but at the same time very homey and I love love love his office staff, they are the best.
I honestly can't recommend him enough.

Sandra Brown

Went to see Dr. Taub after a few other doctors for a case of gout. He actually spoke to me like I was a friend and not just a patient. The med he prescribed worked in one day, where the other doctors never worked. I now enjoy walking and sleeping pain free thanks to Dr. Taub...2 thumbs ( toes actually ) up!!!!

Dan Kukan

Dr. Taub is a very compassionate physician. He explains everything as he goes along and alleviates any anxiousness you may be feeling. He is my physician of choice for any foot related issues. All his staff is kind and caring.

Donella Duncan

Staff is always very pleasant which makes getting an appointment very easy. Dr. Taub took wonderful care of my ingrown toe nail.
I recommend him to everyone!

Azhari Thomas

I highly recommend Dr. Taub for any podiatry needs. He is kind, on time, professional and takes the pain away! He also has an updated website and online presence which is very helpful.

Lauren Hastings

Dr Taub and his entire staff are wonderful. They make your visit an easy, painless trip.
I can't recommend them highly enough

Mike Carter

We feel blessed to have found such a competent and caring physician!!!!

Susan Harris

Only podiatrist for our family in over 20 years.

Jan Dessario

Dr. Taub, I want you to know that my plantar fibromas are shrinking using the compounded cream you prescribed. It's only been a week and they are substantially smaller. I can walk and stand much easier.
Thank you for thinking outside the box and offering this alternative treatment to invasive surgery.

Laurie Hertzlin Wade

Great doctor! Cares about the patient. Explains everything in lay people's language. Down to earth person. He has a wonderful and caring staff

Monika Kennel

Excellent doctor!

Keylly Field

The best!

Donald Whitehouse

Great knowledgeable, caring doctor. Very well run practice!

Christina Greenwall

This doctor takes the time with each patient to discuss the issues with their feet. My husband is a diabetic. Dr. taub is so patient with him and his many foot issues. Dr. Taub treats you as a person and not a number. I am so thankful for Dr. Taub and his staff

David Newell
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